Welcome to Aarnimetsä

Keskiaika. Nyt.

We in the Barony of Aarnimetsä share an interest in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We research and recreate medieval fighting, dance, cooking, heraldry and woodwork, we build armor, sew dresses and get acquainted with medieval customs. The barony of Aarnimetsä, also known as Suomen keskiaikaseura, is a part of the international organization Society for Creative Anachronism which aims at recreating many aspects of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

We have local groups in different parts of the country. In Finland our activities consist mostly of different types of regular meetings and medieval events that usually take place over a weekend. The themes of the local meetings vary widely for example from cooking to games and from rattan fighting to crafts. These meetings are informal meetings where anybody can show up without any prior knowledge or equipment. The medieval events are occasions where we practice medieval skills and try to dress, behave and eat like was commonly done during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The easiest way to join us is to come to a local meeting. At the meetings you will meet people who share your interest in the Middle Ages who can help you learn about this hobby and who can for example lend you equipment for your first event. You can get more information about what is going on from our chatelaine who’s there especially for you or from our seneschal, the president of our group. A convenient place to find our more about Aarnimetsä is our Facebook page. You can also check on the contact page, if there’s a local group close to you and contact their chatelaine or seneschal (contact person for newcomers or chairperson).

If you are an SCA visitor to Finland, whether for a week or for a year, you are just as welcome to join our meetings and events. In summer, however, there are not too many regular meetings, but if you contact the local group ahead of time and especially if you have a special interest like fighter practice or fabric shopping, a meeting can probably be arranged.